Review: Be Our Guest Resaurant- Magic Kingdom

           Looking for a great dining experience? Then make your way over to Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom. The outside of BOG is absolutely beautiful. You go across a great stone bridge adorned with gargoyles and a river creek view. In the distance is Beast’s castle from The Beauty and the Beast, which is lit up. When you enter the restaurant your mouth tends to drop as the grandeur and detail of the room takes your breath away. Giant paintings and elegant curtains surround the room and above are giant chandeliers that light the room perfectly.

The ambiance Disney sets in here is unlike anything we have ever seen. Truly was a magical experience. You are transported into the Beast Castle without it feeling cartoonish or fake. This is genuine extravagance with a uniquely Disney touch. Of course there is a hidden Mickey! Hint: look up!

The food was also just incredible. The French Onion Soup is rich and layered thickly with yummy cheese. The Mussels are fresh and tangy. BOG offers decadent entrees such as Grilled Strip Steak to Pan-seared salmon on leek fondue. Most members of our party ordered the Sautéed Shrimp and Scallops, while others ordered the Pan-seared Chicken. The chicken was moist and tender and the seafood and puff pastry topping were wonderful even by skeptical New England standards. The portions were satisfying without being overly large.

Try the Gray Stuff it’s delicious, don’t believe me… No, really, the Gray Stuff is great! It’s like crushed Oreos mixed with whipped cream on a yummy brownie. The Lemon Meringue Cupcake is tart and light. The Chocolate Crème Puff will satisfy any chocolate craving!

The overall experience was just wonderful and the staff was very attentive. You really feel like this fine dining. Can’t wait to return to try each and every dish!


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