Typhoon Lagoon

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           Typhoon Lagoon is a tropical themed water park located adjacent to Downtown Disney (soon to be Disney Springs). It is 56 square acres of fun in the sun. The water is heated and the park remains open most of the year. Both water parks close down due to weather and repairs/upkeep yearly.

          There are lockers and towels available to rent at the entrance of the park and food throughout. The gift shop carries everything from sunscreen to bathing suits. I wonder how many people forget their suits?There are refillable cups available for purchase and filling stations everywhere. Definitely worth it if you will be staying for more than a few hours.

          Castaway Creek is a continuous lazy river that runs in a 2100 feet loop. You can either ride a single tube or a couples tube. There are numerous entrance/exit points along the way or you can just stay in all day. The scenery is beautiful and it has beach friendly music piped in. The only downside is no floating bars.

          Surfs always up at the Wave Pool. I will warn you to hold onto little ones and glasses and they will go flying. Always a fun time with feel of the beach without all that pesky sand. There are lounge chairs all around the pool with shade and easy access to drinks and food.

        The water slides are the most fun. They range from tame like Keelhaul Falls to the much more exciting like the Humunga-Kowabunga. One young niece called this the super-wedgie ride! Definitely go on each and every slide. It’s fun and the lines have water accents so it doesn’t feel so hot. Crush ‘N Gusher is more than a water slide, it’s a water coaster. This is definitely a high octane ride for the very adventurous!

          Shark Reef can be very busy so I would suggest making it your first stop if you’re so inclined. You get a snorkel and mask and do a swift swim through across the 60 foot pool. It’s very fun but perhaps not for the people who aren’t into the learning aspect of the park.

           I would suggest an early start to your day at Typhoon Lagoon. By midday, the water park can be quite crowded and hard to find seats together. If you are going to go into the water park later in the afternoon, you could always spend the morning enjoying what will soon be the new Disney Springs.



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