To Retirement and Beyond

We visited Walt Disney World many times in the years our children were growing up. It was always such a happy place and a place where we had built so many wonderful memories. We always planned that when my husband, Steve, retired it would be to Florida. The plan was that he would retire from corrections and then get a job at the happiest place on earth aka Disney World .
Now that dream is a reality and Steve is doing his beyond retirement dream job as a part time Security Officer at the happiest place on earth and loving it. He was so excited meeting Mickey and learning at the Traditions class. He’s just full of fun facts now!
Who would have thought that this is the same man that for the last year of his career dreaded his eight to sixteen hour days, would now be whistling while he works- yes, the pun was intended.  Steve gets up and proudly puts on his costume and grabs some stickers to hand out to junior Security Officers. He has even learned some funny jokes to help make guests more comfortable. He thinks he’s really funny but at least he tries!
As I am writing this I realized that dreams do come true!





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