Magical Moments with Cast Members

Cast Members

          Walt Disney World has around 73,000 employees. Most of them are not getting rich working there and a lot of them work in the awesome heat of Florida, day in and day out. They clean our hotel rooms, cook and serve our food and transport us safely around the World. How many times have you heard people complain that they have to wait in line to have their bags checked? The jobs can be thankless especially when hot and tired people take their frustrations out on anyone with a name tag.

         The above picture is of Paul, a cast member in Epcot. He was holding Alice’s place in the UK where you can get a picture and autograph of her. Alice was away but would be returning shortly. He was super polite and cheerful even with the sass he was getting from some people who wanted Alice and not Paul. We decided that Paul would do just fine. Anyone could get their picture taken with Alice but how many people had a picture with Paul! He obliged us with a selfie that made us all laugh! Great attitude gave us a magical moment.


          This ice cream looks like your average great tasting sundae but the story behind it is what makes cast members magical. Walking around Magic Kingdom with three young kids can be painful but add 100° and large crowds and it becomes downright miserable. This was all until while walking by Seven Dwarfs Mine Train a lovely cast member, whose name I can’t remember came up to is and handed the kids these ice cream sundaes, free of cost. What looked like what was about to be breakdown central in the middle of Magic Kingdom turned into a great time as the kids were refreshed and so happy. What’s even more wonderful is this generous act has happened to my family more than once. In the same location, we ordered our ice cream with the full intention of paying but upon giving my debit card the cashier just handed over the ice cream and said “This is a gift from Mickey.” Disney has made many magical moments like this for my family and it definitely leaves a lasting impression on us.

          Sometimes just noticing that someone is from a New England State (or wherever you’re from) and striking up a conversation can bring a smile to your face. Knowing that any cast member will take a moment to say Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary can add to your special day. It’s nice when they whole family can get into the picture because a cast member will take that picture for you (no you don’t have to purchase the package).

           This next magical moment is not for the faint at heart. My son was a young teenager and was made to go to WDW yet again. Being young, he enjoyed his breakfast of fudge and brownies. After the 5th or 6th time on the Rockin’ Roller Coaster, his breakfast decided to reappear. Code V was called and he says what happened next was right out of Men in Black. Cast Members just appeared, cleaned up the area and gave him a jawbreaker pop. He still talks about this as the best day ever in Disney. Just goes to show you that one man’s vomit is another man’s magical moment! (I didn’t think a photo was needed/wanted)

           So while not every cast member is going to make your day, there will be one who will make someone’s day magical. Like the saying goes, if you see someone without a smile, share one of yours!

Have you had a magical moment? Let us know!



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