From Scrooge McDuck to Mr. Disney


Our story starts with me, Gina, being completely and utterly in love with all things Disney, especially Walt Disney World. Living in New England, WDW is a great treat.  Then I met a wonderful man and we even went to WDW together when we first started dating. We’ll call him Joe.  He didn’t “get” my obsession. He thought it was a fun theme park but really, what’s the big deal? Gasp! What? He even cancelled trips that he had intended on going on – just because. I mean really, how many times can you go to the same place?

We had started talking about moving down to Florida a few years ago. Then last year, my siblings moved down. We’re pretty close and I was lost up in NE. So I followed them down 2 months later! I was able to find a good job in my field. The plan was for Joe to come down within the year. Just a few months later he was here too. This is where the story really begins.

The first thing we did when Joe arrived was purchase his Florida resident annual pass. Pretty exciting stuff. Since Joe is a frugal guy, he figured out how much it would cost per visit blah blah blah. Well that made him pretty happy. Then he realized the differences between being on vacation and just stopping in at the Magic Kingdom. The stress and rush are gone. He just got to enjoy the parks for the magic that they have .

A few months later, Joe is now Mr. Disney. He works for the mouse, talks about the mouse and knows so much more than I do! We shop at the mouse stores and his saying is that he lives the Walt Life. His friends were recently down for a visit and were treated to a tour of the world that people pay good money for! Glad I’m along for the ride. I’m not sure who this guy is but I’m keeping him if only for the discounts!


Twitter: @Gina_at_WDW


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