Staying Cool in Disney World

The summer in Florida can be quite hot. Seriously, a cold day is 89°. This also happens to be the busiest time in Disney World. So if you are making your way to the Happiest Place on Earth this summer here are some ways you can beat the heat.

One of the best ways to stay cool is by staying hydrated. Now you do not have to spend $2.75 every time you get thirsty or lug a backpack full of water to stay hydrated. One of the best things about Disney is that they do offer free cups of ice water. If you go to any dining building or snack window they will hand you water in a medium cup, no questions asked. One thing to note with this is that free cups of water are not available at portable snack carts as it is considered to be a health issue since the ice is contaminated with the bottles it is keeping cold.

Speaking of these portable snack carts, they have some great treats to cool you down. The carts have the signature Premium Mickey bar, which is like a Klondike bar shaped like a Mickey head on a stick. They also have another Mickey shaped ice cream sandwich, which should be considered for kids since it is not as messy as the Mickey Bar. The most refreshing items at the portable snack cart though are their fruit bars. Offered in strawberry and strawberry lemonade, which features our friend Olaf, this frozen snack hits the spot amazingly well in the heat.

Drinks and treats are not your only options for staying cool. All the parks and even Downtown Disney have attractions or fun spots to beat the heat. These fun spots have water features so bring your bathing suit. Animal Kingdom is the only park that does not have a cooling spot but they do have the Kali River Rapids, which you will definitely get wet on. Epcot has couple cooling spots, behind the Spaceship Earth is a misting station that has some water sprinklers. Also in Epcot there is a misting station themes like a car wash. This one is located near Test Track. Hollywood Studios cooling station is a mister that is shaped like a giant Coca Cola Bottle which is right past Toy Story Mania. Magic Kingdom got a brand new cooling station in Storybook Circus. It is a really interactive sprinkler train. Downtown Disney has a sprinkler system similar to what is in Epcot behind Spaceship Earth.

Most buildings in the parks are air conditioned. It might just be a good idea to park yourself at a table or on a chair inside one of these buildings and just taking a breather. Nothing wrong with a little bit of down time during your stay. It is a vacation isn’t it?

Sometimes the heat is just too much. No amount of water is helping and everyone is just tired, go back to your hotel. When you have a Magic Your Way pass you can reenter the park you were in earlier without wasting another one of your days. Most hotels have pools (all Disney hotels have pools) so head back to the hotel and jump in the pool or take a nap. We suggest doing a park in the morning and around 1:00-2:00 heading back to your hotel then heading back to the park 5:00-6:00. The parks are opened late, sometimes until 2:00 am so it might be a good idea to be in the parks during the cooler parts of the night.

Coming prepared is the most helpful tip we can give. Here are some items we bring into the park to help beat the heat:

  • Cooling Towels – These are great for around your neck and stays cool for a long time. To make cool again just run the towel under some tap water and ring out. The towel will be cool again.
  • Water Enhancers – Getting free water is great but can get boring quickly. Most companies make an enhancer so you can have your favorite drink while staying hydrated. This is something to do with kids since it keeps them drinking.
  • Misting Fans – Just store in the side pocket of your backpack or cup holder of your stroller and take it out when the kids are complaining about the heat. Turn the fan on and spray and you cool down instantly. These are available in the park but you may want to provide your ownSince they cost about $18.00  in the park but cost between $10-$15 in stores.

Obviously, you do not have to bring in all of these items but we just wanted to give you some options.

Enjoy and Stay Cool!!



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