Harambe Market – Animal Kingdom

animal kingdom2

Harambe Market is an outdoor eatery that serves African street food. Designed after an African seaside town, the market has a lot of details, especially on the walls. Look anywhere in the 200 seat cafeteria you will find posters sponsoring attractions in the park, such as the Lion King show in the Harambe Theater. Also, there are hand-painted quotes and drawings that add authenticity to the market.

There seems to be food for whatever your taste-buds want. The Harambe Market is set up like individual vendors and each window serves a different food. You can get anything from chicken kabobs and flatbread sandwiches at “Kitamu Grill.” “Famous Sausages” offers different flavored sausages, including a corndog sausage. The signature item you can get in the market is the ribs and they can be found at “Chef Mwanga’s.” The Karubi Ribs are said to be Animal Kingdom’s version of the turkey leg.

Stay Cool Tip: The Harambe Market has awnings and strong fans to help beat the heat during the hot days of summer.




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