What extinct attraction would you bring back to Disney Parks?

This question was asked by Mouse On The Mind on Twitter.

Immediately Delta Dreamflight came to mind. It could be because I have “If you had wings” stuck in my brain. I have to stop by small world this weekend just to get a new song in there! One Little Spark is a frequent flyer in my brain also (note the pun).

I just remember my first trip in 1992 to Disney World. It was my first real vacation anywhere and first time on an airplane. Then I go to the most magical place on earth and get to relive my flight! I was just in complete awe of the whole experience and that ride seems to be in the spotlight of that first trip.

Since then, I had taken 32 trips to WDW before finally moving down to FL last year. I still look at the World with wonder every single time I walk into any of the parks and that’s all the time!



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