Killimanjaro Safaris – Animal Kingdom – Photos by Amanda Gill


The Killimanjaro Safaris in Animal Kingdom is a must see! I highly suggest getting a fast pass as this is a very popular attraction. Have your cameras (cell phones) ready to go as the animals are unpredictable. There is no age or size limit for this ride but it can be a little jarring at times. This ride last about 20 minutes and is narrated by your driver. Look above for the handy list of animals that you could be encountering. safari3

There is an authentic feel to this safari as you view animals in their natural habitats. If they live together in Africa then they will live together here at Animal Kingdom. The giraffes are so desensitized to the trucks that they will often walk right in front of them with no worries. The lions are usually a crowd favorite but don’t worry they have a moat around them and won’t be snacking on your family members. The elephants move surprisingly graceful given their size.


The grounds are just so well done, of course. The trees and anthills feel like they’ve been there forever. It’s funny to think that Animal Kingdom is the newest of the parks.

While in Africa check out the Harambe Market!


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