Fantasyland: Enchanted Forest 

      Fantasyland’s Enchanted Forest is like stepping into one of Disney’s classic movies. Located right behind Cinderella’s Castle, The Enchanted Forest has a beautiful landscape with tall trees and a flowing brook. This area is not just a beautiful place to look around, it also has plenty of rides to enjoy.

The Enchanted Forest has attractions that are mostly geared towards children but isn’t everyone a kid in Disney? Right as you enter you are greeted by a beautiful carousel! Prince Charming’s Regal Carousel is a classic carousel with vibrant horses and loud organ music. If you do not take a spin on the carousel you can still enjoy it’s beauty because along the top of the ride is the story of Cinderella in paintings.

Right near Prince Charming’s Regal Carousel is a theater that shows a great 3D musical. PhillarMagic takes you through your favorite songs from Disney Movies. It’s a great show and definitely a “must-do”

After PhilarMagic is Peter Pan. On Peter Pan you get into your very own flying ship and enter the Peter Pan movie. This is a ride you need a fast pass for unless you would like to wait in line for well over and hour for a 60 second ride. If you feel like waiting, the waiting area was just recently redone and is now interactive. It does help with the long wait.

“It’s a world of laughter, a world cheer…” Now repeat over and over and over again. This is what will be in your head for the rest of the day once you go on Its A Small World. It is a pretty ride that is full of color and great detail. This ride usually doesn’t have a long line and you will probably be on the ride for about 15-20 minutes since there is usually a backlog of ride boats at the end.

The newer part of The Enchanted Forest is just full with attractions to see and do. Cinderella’s Castle is not the only castle in the kingdom anymore. Sitting in the back is Beast’s Castle from Beauty and the Beast. This will be reviewed in a future post. There is also Eric’s castle from The Little Mermaid. Inside is short ride that tells the story of The Little Mermaid but he best part about Eric’s Castle is the waiting area. If you love detail you will love it. Seashells are scattered throughout the line and Scuttle the seagull interacts with you as you walk by. The line is usually never outrageous so it’s definitely worth waiting 20-30 minutes just to look at the beauty of the castle.

The main attraction in The Enchanted Forest is The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. You have to fast pass this ride since the line is usually minimum 2 hours long. It’s a roller coaster that brings you through the day in the lives of the seven dwarves.

The options for food here are plenty. As we will talk about at a meter time, you can eat at Beast’s castle. For a more casual dining experience, Gaston’s is perfect. Gaston’s doesn’t have wide variety to choose from as it offers a very large cinnamon roll or a pork shank for food options. But those two options are delicious can be shared with others. If you just want some ice cream there is a small ice cream shack located right across from the mine train. They make sundaes and ice cream cones that are very good!

There are many more attractions to be discovered over here but we just provided and overview of the  ice at part of the Magic Kingdom. Hope you enjoy. Have a Magical Day!



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