Fantasyland: Storybook Circus – Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdoms Fantasyland went through the largest expansion ever done on Disney property. This expansion included turning Mickey’s Toon Town into Storybook Circus. Themed after the Disney classic, Dumbo, Storybook Circus is a colorful, lively circus. It houses a park favorite, Dumbo’s flying Elephants and intense children’s roller coast , Goofy’s Barnstormer.

Dumbo is a ride where you get into your own flying elephant and go around while listening to circus music. The ride is iconic, making it very popular. To help with crowds there has been a second, identical ride added to the side of the original. There seems to ways be a line for this one but don’t let that stop you. The brilliant minds at Disney added a children’s play area inside the waiting area. Parents are given a special timer devise that lights up when it your time to enjoy the ride. This classic is a must do.

Goofy’s Barnstormer looks like a tame children’s roller coaster but packs quite the punch. This is not something you have to fast pass since the line is never out of control and the ride is short so the line moves fast.

Getting hungry or feel like walking around an air conditioned spot? Head on over to Big Top Souvenirs! What seems like just a gift shop is actually a cool spot to get some different pictures and grab a snack. They offer slushy drinks, popcorn, candy apples, and a large variety of cupcakes. Stick around to watch them make their food.

Staying cool on your trip is very important. The heat can get pretty intense, luckily there is a really fun sprinkler play area over here. You get to run around a circus themed play pit while getting sprayed with refreshingly cold water.

If your feet are getting tired now but really want to get to another part of Magic Kingdom, Storybook Circus is one of 3 places you can catch the train. The train will bring you to either Main Street or Frontierland. This is a great way to save your feet but also, see Magic Kingdom in a different way. Enjoy!



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