Frontierland – Magic Kingdom

Get ready to go back to the Wild West as you enter the farthest part of the Magic Kingdom. Frontierland has the uneven pathways and wooden buildings that give it the signature “western” look . This part of the park holds some of the most iconic Disney rides.

Country Bear Jamboree is a cute short show that features a singing bear family. If you want to cool down for ten minutes and are in the area, this is a great spot to do so.

As soon as you step into Frontierland you will hear the screams of many guests as they take the plunge on Splash Mountain. This flume ride with a great story has more than that 50ft drop. Several drops are featured before making the build up to the “big one” even more exciting. Also, you will be singing Zippidy-doo-da the rest of the day. Save time for this one since it lasts about 20 minutes.

Just a couple steps away you are going to enter the  Thunder Mointain Railroad. This rickety old train ride is one of the bests rides in Disney. It’s a roller coaster that’s lasts more than 60 seconds, which seems rare these days. Definitely worth the trek over.

If you want to get away from the crowds and take a small hike take the small raft ride over to Tom Sawyers Island. The island is playground for kids of all ages.

Pecos Bill’s Cafè is a quick service dining experience. They offer the basic burger and fries type menu but the good thing about Pecos is the dining room is huge so if you are eatin at a busy time they will most likely have a seat for your party, no matter the size.


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