Adventureland – Magic Kingdom

Adventureland gives you everything from Magic Carpets to swashbuckling pirates. The area definitely lives up to its name.

Let’s start with why everyone comes to this part of the park. Pirates of the Carribbean is probably the most successful ride in all of Disney World. The ride inspired a movie and that movie inspired the ride. It’s a boat ride that shows you how pirates lived in the 1800s with appearances by everyone’s favorite pirate, Jack Sparrow. The line moves pretty fast and has many perfect picture spots so don’t be put off by a long wait time. But if you can score a fast pass for the ride, get it.

On the next ride you are back in a boat but this time exploring the jungles of the world in The Jungle Cruise. If you are into rides that feature puns so good(bad) that parents ribs crack and teenagers eyes roll back so far you are not sure they will ever come back, than this is the ride for you. The line isn’t usually all that long since the boats hold quite a few people so no need to waste a fast pass on this experience.

You are now ditching your boat for a much different ride. The Magic Carpets of Aladdin is pretty much Dumbo just with, you know, flying carpets. It’s a good spot to get an alternative view of park.

Eating this part of the park could become quite addicting. Sunshine Tree Terace is a small ice cream spot that is identifiable by an orange bird. They sell citrus flavored ice cream along with coffee and lemonade.

Another spot that people flock to sells delicious pineapple snacks. Aloha Isle Refreshments is a place that is on most Disney-goers “must do” list. Their signature Dole Whip is a pineapple ice cream that hits the spot. For the pineapple enthusiast there is the Dole Whip Float that features the Dole Whip on top of pineapple juice. All the snacks over here are fantastic so come to the park on an empty stomach because you are going to want to try them all.

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